Scholarship FAQs

Scholarship FAQs

Our program has over 100 scholarships established by individuals, firms, and organizations wanting to assist West Virginia residents in obtaining a college education. Applicants apply to the competitive program and, if eligible, may be awarded a scholarship.
Applicants will be notified by The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation by May 15th of each year.
Monies received for tuition, fees, and books may not incur tax liability; however, monies applied to room and board may be considered taxable income. This award must be applied to direct college expenses at the institution, such as tuition, fees, and books. The recipient is responsible for any tax liability incurred as a result of this award. The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation does not provide tax information to the student or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The student is fully responsible for all tax reports.

The average scholarship award amount is listed under that scholarship description, which can be found online at  Many scholarships are renewable for additional years, however please note that you must submit a Renewal scholarship application to re-apply each year for a renewable scholarship. 

Some scholarships are specific to a single college or university; others are applicable at any post-secondary institution.  Many scholarships are for schools in West Virginia; however, some allow students to attend school out-of-state.  All educational institutions must meet applicable federal tax law requirements under Internal Revenue Code, Section 170(6)(1)(A)(ii).   Each scholarship’s criteria is listed in its description on the Available Scholarships page.

You may apply for up to two scholarships; if you are awarded a scholarship, you will be selected as a recipient for only one of the two.  In addition to the two scholarships you select, you may also apply for the TGKVF Scholars Scholarship and the Thalheimer Scholarship, if eligible.  Applying for the TGKVF Scholars Scholarship and the Thalheimer Scholarship do not “count against” the other two you select.

A student who withdraws from school for any reason is expected to notify The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation of his or her status and refund to the Foundation any unused portion of the scholarship award.
Each scholarship has its own selection committee. The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation’s staff processes the application materials for each committee. Those committees then make funding recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for approval.

No. The Bank will mail the full amount of the award in August. It is applied to the entire academic year. The check is payable to the school with the students name and ID# indicated in the memo line of the check.

No. Renewals, where applicable, are competitive and at the Committee’s discretion. If you are eligible for a renewal, you must apply again. Academic performance will be considered for renewals. Some of the scholarships are not renewable. The recipient of a one-year award may apply the following year for a different scholarship. Each scholarship description will designate the length of time for which the scholarship is awarded.


No, IRS tax forms are not needed for application submission.

NO. TGKVF does not send notification to your school regarding you receiving this scholarship.

Yes! Unless the scholarship Fund specifies otherwise (e.g. only graduating senior from a specific High School) then you are eligible to apply at any point of your academic year.

TGKVF Available Scholarships

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Scholarship Contact Information:

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation
PO Box 3041
Charleston, WV 25331

Katie Ferrell
Scholarship Program Officer

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